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Title: Merry Gear Solid 2
Post by: Geoffrey on December 27, 2009, 10:15:50 PM

Just stumbled upon this on I thought I'd share it here :)


merry gear solid 2: the ghosts of christmas past is the sequel to 2006's award winning merry gear solid: secret santa, a parody of hideo kojima's metal gear solid series.

it plays like a really simplified version of those games, and forces you to use stealth, as being caught will automatically trigger a game over. because it's a direct sequel to the first merry gear solid 1, it's pretty important that you've either played the original, or seen a let's play of it. the game also features really, really, really minor spoilers to merry gear solid 4 (you probably won't notice them).

the game features over 1 hour of dialogue (THE AUTHENTIC METAL GEAR EXPERIENCE), featuring the vocal stylings of none other than a supernova of a goonstar, duncan 'the goatman' roberts, the man who gave voice to the phrase 'how is babby formed.' the game also features music by another goon, binbag mcgraw.

the game totals is around 2-4 hours, and features a save system this time around to account for that.

Title: Re: Merry Gear Solid 2
Post by: Sang on January 01, 2010, 09:16:43 PM
I'll be su--- wait, didn't I already post this? ;)