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  Topics - DavoX
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1  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem 3D Editing / Spritework demo SpeedMapping for Eduke32 by DavoX on: June 24, 2013, 07:34:28 PM

Speedmapping for DukeNukem 3D.

This time I bring you this Spritework Demonstration, It's more or less 30 or 40 minutes compressed into 3 minutes and a half.

The video isn't meant to cover "how to's" or anything like that, just a little section from a map I'm working on. It's definitely not the best that can be done with the engine. With planning, a much better structure can be made. This time I made up the structure as I went along without any plans at all, just what came to my mind at the time.

Make sure you visit Cursed Lemon's channel and subscribe to him as he makes awesome music!

The music for this video:

Cursed Lemon - Killer Instinct Full Bore Cover

I hope you all liked it!
2  Other topics / Computers / Internet / Guys I really need you! on: May 31, 2011, 04:37:40 AM
Anyone from USA or Europe willing to buy and ship this card to me? I'll deposit all the payment and shipment on your paypal account. Help me out here please!


I'm already doing something like this for the Balls of Steel edition with someone so I guess it can't be that hard.
3  Duke Nukem / In Construction / The Ultimate Stadium Remake by DavoX on: November 04, 2010, 11:18:31 AM
Duke3d Stadium Remake

By DavoX

What is this?

A remake of the beloved Stadium Boss map (E3L09) from Duke3d.

Who's working on it?

DavoX As Level Designer
Dan G As the coder of the great mod DukePlus and additional features

Which are these "additional features"?

Well, my intention is to have the cycloid emperor doing new special attacks and possibly new attack animations made specifically for this project. It's also possible that the emperor will get a facelift on the model to make it look even more badass!

What software is being used for this project?

Eduke32 port with Polymer renderer + Hrp + Dukeplus.

Neat! Where are the screenshots/media?

To start out showing something, here is a new SpeedMapping video I've made of the whirlpools area in the stadium. Bear in mind It's not complete though!

It's an hour of mapping put into 5 minutes of video for you guys to enjoy it!



4  Other topics / Computers / Internet / I need to create a forum. on: October 31, 2008, 02:21:03 AM

I need to make a forum for my University project where a lot of people is involved and I think a nice place to keep all the information would be good. I have no web design experience at all. Would it be too complicated to make a simple machines forum?
5  Other topics / Music / Movies / Gears of war : The movie on: October 28, 2008, 12:35:46 PM
We're doomed.

Gears of War (2010)

Director:   Len Wiseman
Writer:    Chris Morgan (screenplay)
Release Date:    2010 (USA) more
Genre:  Action | War
Plot:    On the planet Sera, a former P.O.W. is civilization's best hope in their fight against the Locust Horde, a race of creatures who emerged from underneath the planet's surface, intent on eliminating humankind
6  Other topics / Unreal / WiP: UT3DM - Quidam on: September 16, 2008, 10:01:08 PM
Download alpha here:


I want your feedback :)  (y)
7  Other topics / Unreal / Release: UT3DM - Kauthenak on: September 01, 2008, 12:46:10 PM
Name: DM-Kauthenak
Version:Final 1.2         
Compatibility:Patch 3   
Description: Fight on Kauthenak's homeland...if he lets you     
Comments:This was going to be a part of a big project but due to intensive hardware complications, it couldn't be done.     

Credits:The entire worldwide Unreal community, and specially the Duke3d community for making me learn so much about level design over the last yers.       
Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/145180277/dm-kauthenak.rar
8  Other topics / Unreal / Release: UT3CTF - Isolated Grounds on: August 15, 2008, 01:31:10 PM


Name:CTF-Isolated Grounds
Version:Final 1.0         
Compatibility:PC and Unreal Tournament Patch 1.3   
Description:A capture the flag map intented for fast paced action     
Comments:It's taken me a couple months since this is my very first map on a full 3D engine, so It might have a few glitches here and there. I really want to move onto my next map so I hope it all works out for you guys :)     

Credits:The Uteros.com.ar community. Cer3bro , D3la and Mikko Sandt for beta testing. ShadowDrone for hosting the map on the server. And finally the Epic games,Beyondunreal and 3Dbuzz Community for all the help I've gotten in the process of making this map.       
Homepage:None for now 
9  Other topics / General Talk / I'm certain you're not expecting to read what I'm about to tell you ;) on: July 31, 2008, 09:20:56 AM

I'm going to be dad. Yes, that's right.

There you have it folks. It was totally unintended and I definitely don't love the girl. So that's life to you  ^_^
10  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Main / Are you ready? Duke Nukem Forever. on: June 03, 2008, 04:35:14 AM

This was posted by Joe Siegler at the 3DR forums:

Word on the street has it that long-time game industry vet, Jason Hall, has a new episodic show debuting on Xbox Live and Crackle.com on June 4th, and the first episode reveals his recent undercover visit to 3D Realms. There's a surprise in this story, but you'll have to watch the show to see it.

The Jace Hall Show episodes will be weekly recurring, each about five minutes long. Most people remember that Jace Hall was a founder and CEO of Monolith Studios (Blood, Tron, No One Lives Forever, Condemed, F.E.A.R.), and then became head of Warner Bros. Interactive Studios division for several years. Hall is still on the Warner lot with his own company HDFILMS, and is now producing feature films, full scale television shows and online internet programming.

We expect an announcement very soon to confirm the June 4th launch date rumors.

The first episode also has been rumored to contain one of the stars of NBC’s hit series “Heroes.”

This show may have landed the greatest scoop of all time in the history of gaming… We shall see!


This is an audio file of Jason Hall announcing what's to come in June 4th:

11  Other topics / Butterfly Collecting Forum / DavoX's Skateboarding Footy :P on: June 01, 2008, 11:37:19 AM
So now you get to know a different side of me. This is actually what made me stop making maps for any game, in fact I didn't even play videogames in 5 of the 7 years of skating I had...

The footage is kinda old but I edited it to some music that I like.

Don't share this to anyone, to some of my friends it's still a surprise.

Well I hope you guys enjoy it, don't laugh too much.

12  Other topics / Butterfly Collecting Forum / Math!! on: May 09, 2008, 06:16:15 AM
Let's see if there's someone intelligent over here :P :

   y= x(square) - 4x + 3

Which means I have to substitute the Y from above with the Y below:

according to my teacher it stays like this: 2x+x(square) -4x+3 = 0

Now my question is...where the hell has the 6 gone to? I don't see it in the above formula :  2x+y=6 ???

13  Other topics / General games / Doom 4 on: May 08, 2008, 06:07:32 AM

14  Other topics / Butterfly Collecting Forum / Advice for a Better Life on: April 15, 2008, 01:24:41 AM
Here we post whatever is good for other people to do, something you found that was good for you and wanted to share it with other people, book passages, whatever! And please, a closed mind is definitely not a step in the north direction ;).

So I start with this from a book I've been reading, long but worth it:

The Alluring Victim Syndrome

Negative mental states often are used to generate attention, which can cause a person to be trapped with the
victim syndrome. This syndrome implies feeling that external forces are causing negative things in your life and
makes you view life as a passive experience that happens to you rather than an active one in which you wield power.
There’s a lot of reasons this attitude is so appealing:

1. It’s an easy response to dealing with defeat. Saying you’re not to blame is easier than accepting responsibility for what goes
wrong in your life. At least in your mind, it shifts the negative off you and onto someone or something else.

2. When you’re the victim, you don’t have to put any effort into changing things. It wasn’t your fault, so why should you try to
change it?

3. It gets sympathy and negative attention, which is better than no attention at all.

4. Those who come to live their whole lives as victims can become experts at manipulating others through guilt and emotion.
Some learn to use sob stories to take advantage of goodnatured people who will provide material and emotional help for
the victim, while placing the blame on others and using the ensuing guilt to get whatever they want.

5. It allows the use of irrational thinking that’s based on emotion—the way things should be are based on the premise
that life should be fair—which is easier than logical reasoning, which leads to sometimes painful conclusions.

6. Finally, the victim syndrome can be a deeply ingrained pattern that is learned from parents, siblings or friends. Learned
victimization is often a person’s total perspective, so everything is interpreted to fit within the paradigm of injustice and
negativity. Even good things become twisted into negatives—hidden motives are found, unlikely risks or sideeffects
are weighed very importantly, etc., because the ‘victim’ is so used to seeing everything negatively they can’t believe
something good is happening to them.
In the end, being a victim means your life will never improve because you have given up. By blaming what’s wrong on external
forces,you’re giving them all the power and leaving yourself with no way to change your situation for the better. The first step in moving
past a negative experience is accepting your share of the responsibility, by learning from it and accepting it as an unfortunate
risk that you ran because the alternative, positive outcome was worth it.

15  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem 3D Editing / Dynamic lighting in Eduke32 on: April 12, 2008, 01:21:34 AM

I'm just tired, TIRED of waiting for a caritative soul to implement it on Eduke32. So I talked to my C teacher, who happens to make games with engines very similar to the likes of Doom3 (not the artistic direction but the dynamic light, shaders, bump mapping, etc) and I told him that the community's been waiting for something like that for AGES. He pointed at me an example like Doom to Quake map translation of data but we both agreed that something more recent would be more efficient. So Quake 1 engine is out of the question. We've been considering Quake 3 engine (talking about free source codes) but it all ended up that I should give him the source code of Eduke32 so he could take a look at it.

He was quite surprised that someone didn't take the time to do it already as it didn't seem much work to him...

The bottom line of this, is that I have to pay him, of course, it's his time and he does this for a living. Yes I have the money and I will pay him, sit tight.
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