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1  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Deathmatch / YANG MODS, easy to install/play. on: August 02, 2009, 08:22:23 AM
Here is a list of mods I edited lately to play on YANG with ease.

The website http://wg.duke4.net/TCS/


Latest aditions
http://wg.duke4.net/TCS/DukeT.zip (DukeTournament with mission packs)

To play on YANG, Extract the CON and GRP to your main dir and MOD dir.



It would be great if more can be added to the list.
The Zips needs these exact requirements,

Nameofmod Eduke32.bat
2  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Main / DUKEWORLD on: June 12, 2009, 10:16:37 AM
Seems TX has saved some of Dukeworld and uploaded it to Duke4.net.

I never saw Dukeworld, I started duke just after it ended, and just before AMC started, but thought this might interest people since a lot of you talk about it.
3  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Main / MOVED: The Final Confrontation on: April 21, 2009, 09:53:17 AM
This topic has been moved to Map of the Week.

4  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Releases / WGHOME on: March 19, 2009, 08:02:03 AM
So this is a improved version of WGDM5, 3-4 players.

Duke match level.

Its my house made in Duke. same as level1 in WGRealms with more stuff.

5  Duke Nukem / In Construction / WGRealms 2 on: November 12, 2008, 04:23:20 PM
So, I have gone back to basics with WGR2, Its no longer a highres mod, as I really hate building with highres, this is now totally separate from WGR1, and doesn't include it, there are currently 7 levels, all will be using the original limits. It is also for original duke, why? cause that the way I like to build. I have re textured all the levels with the new art pack I put together and will be moving in this direction.

Weapons will be added/made/edited by myself, and I will only be replacing pig cops and Sentry drones.
The mod will be a Quake/DooM mix with nature/Medieval, the direction I was originally aiming for with the WGMOD. :P
6  Duke Nukem / In Construction / Imperium 2008 Trailer on: October 25, 2008, 03:41:15 PM
So Imperium is almost done.  :mellow:
And we have a new trailer, get it from my site. 7MB


Or watch on youtube.
7  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Releases / WGDM8v3 released on: October 18, 2008, 04:28:34 PM
So hopefully last version.

DM only map.

Has 2 walls added outside, there are now 2 shrinker's, and an extra RPG and no expander, rain has been added, and there are 2 ladders outside. also a couple new places, 1 for the new shrinker and the other is a connecting corridor + elevator.

Download from my site.

8  Other topics / General games / Quake Addons? on: September 22, 2008, 11:44:06 AM
So I just bought Quake1, and I just downloaded darkplaces port, (very cool) Happy now I can use mouselook properly. And I downloaded a highres texture pack from here http://facelift.quakedev.com/retexture/

Is there any other decent HRP stuff for Quake1 ? how about the best mods you know of?
Its been MANY years since Ive played.
9  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Releases / 2008 Releases. on: August 19, 2008, 08:38:24 AM
So here I thought we would have a sticky thread with a list of all 2008 releases. So keep me up to date guys provide links to anything released and I will try to keep this updated. Ive only a little time today but will add more over time. So if your map/whatever released in 2008 is not on the list then post it with a link and I will add.

2008 Releases.

Happy Hangover by MRCK Download
RCBP2 by The Community Download
BadNight Demo by Sanek Download
City of Despair by Loke Download
Skycity 3 by Ilovefoxes Download
Skycity 2 by Ilovefoxes Download
SkyCity 1 by Ilovefoxes Download
Drafted by HangNail Download
RCBP ! by the community Download
Arctic alert! by Eddy Zykov Download
Clear The Coast  by Merlijn van Oostrum, Maarten van Oostrum Download
Delivery to Hidden Base by CarThiefr Download
Project Zero Included in Dukeplus 1.8 by Spiker Download
SCBP1 by the community
SCBP2  by the community Download
City full of Alien Scum by taivo30 Download
Blown Fuses Included in Dukeplus 1.8 Download
rush2k by Gambini Download
Hostel  Download
Fernocity  by Fernito Download
Into the Storm (for SST)  by SalaciusCrumb Download
Repent (for Pray your Prayers) by James Download
Delivery to Hidden base Download
Armade1 Download
Demolition Download
Mortal Shock  Download
Mass Intension Download
The Dream Download
Area 69  Download
Hydrofusion substation Download
Men In Black Download
Dukemall  Download
Duke Nukem ex Mortum  by Gambini Download
Terran Moonshaft by Fernando Download
chili factor  by DavoX
Glitch city by Fernito Download
Luciano Land by Gambini Download

1on1  by Sanek Download
DM_Goverment_Lobby Matrix  by DarkCaleb Download
Cyber DM Arena by CarThief Download
abandoned Asylum by CarThief Download
Ginnungagap by Loke Download
Crossroads  by Loke Download
Atomic Bunker  by MetHy Download
Canyon BunkerV2 by MetHy Download
WGDM8  by William Gee Download
WGDM7 by William Gee Download
Spacejump by Iggy Download
WGDM4v2 by William Gee Download
WGSecretv5 by William Gee Download

Altair mod by Eddy Zykov Download  
mini game + new small map by Eddy Zykov Download  
Doom Weapons mod  by M210 Download
Quake 3" weapon patch / fun mod by Eddy Zykov Download  
Map Mirroring mod Download
DukePlus1.8  by DeeperThought  Download
Nuclear Showdown  by James Download

Aliens versus Duke "demo"by Fallout, DDuge & Daedolon Download
Cursed Lands by Nikolas Download
Cursed Lands II ALPHA version by Nikolas Download
Zykov Eddy's Aliens  by Eddy Zykov Download
infestation in time  by Eddy Zykov  Download
Vacation cove by HangNail Download
WGSpace by William Gee Download
ZOMBIE CRISIS by Andrew "Hudson" Childs | Geoffrey van Dijk Download
Duke Army by kenia Download
Command & Conquer TC: Source Files by The Commander Download
10  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Releases / SCBP2 on: August 17, 2008, 05:53:36 PM
So here it is.
The 1 hour build project 2. :P


William Gee
Merlijn Oostrum
Maarten Oostrum
Crux Borealis
James Stanfield
11  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Releases / WGDM7 on: August 13, 2008, 08:12:17 AM

A DM only map. 2-4 players.


Hope you enjoy.  -_-
12  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Main / 1 HOUR CBP2 on: August 10, 2008, 11:21:32 AM
So people may remember the CBP James ran, you get 1 hour to build anything (and thats all) then the map goes to the next person. You only get 1 go and only 1 hour.

I have made my part so now I need to know if there are more people wanting to do this again.

Post your name if your interested. :) and I will send the map to the first person. :P

The list.
William Gee done
Fernando done
Davox done

Maartn done
Ilovefoxes done
Mrline done

MetHy done
taivo30 done
MRCK done
Crux Borealis done
Rigelblast done

13  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Releases / WGSpace Episode on: August 06, 2008, 05:48:48 AM
So I'm done, and releasing for my Birthday.

Get it here.


8 Levels. 5 normal 1 boss 2 secret.
Single player?        : YES
DukeMatch?         : YES 2-8
Co OP?                : YES 2-8
14  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem 3D Editing / DM and CO-OP on: June 04, 2008, 11:37:15 AM
I'm wondering if there is a way to have weapons in DM only that don't show up in CO-OP ?

And also can you have switches that work in both DM and CO-OP but not SP?

15  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Deathmatch / CO - OP Screenshots on: May 17, 2008, 01:04:05 PM
So I had a bunch of co ops with some of my maps with 2 peps.


If you do make a new map please at DM and CO - OP abilities.  ^_^ any suggestions of things to play co-op ?
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