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1  Other topics / Images / Art / Design / In need of free XP styled icons! on: August 14, 2009, 01:22:41 AM
Hey guys!

For the past six months I have been doing application design for the office section of a factory and I am looking for some interesting icon packs. I'm turning the business applications in a sweet and soothing software package but I come short at one thing: icons.

I've set the whole thing up according to the Windows XP Luna theme (green and blue) and most free icons I have found so far just don't take the cake.

So, here's the question: can anyone link me to some icon packs similar to the Windows XP style? Anything will be appreciated! I'm really just in DIRE NEED of some good icons. I'm not asking you to search for them; I'm doing that myself for hours now. But if you ever stumbled across such magical royalty-free package then please help me out!

Thanks in advance! :)

Edit: To make myself clear before it's too late: I need XP STYLED icons! That means that I could be content with a set of .BMP files that look like XP icons. Not a set of Mac OSX or GNOME icons in the Windows .ICO format. :)
2  Other topics / Computers / Internet / MOVED: Computer History on: July 11, 2009, 06:15:22 PM
This topic has been moved to Butterfly Collecting Forum.


it's yours sang
3  Other topics / Computers / Internet / Absolute minimum requirements for XP on: June 20, 2009, 05:09:41 AM

I already mentioned this against Fernito in the overclocking thread, but this stuff is so cool I figured it could use it's own thread. Should you ever complain about your PC being slow, you ain't seen nothing yet. :)
4  Other topics / Butterfly Collecting Forum / The future of AMC on: June 04, 2009, 12:54:52 AM
Is this thread about how the new frontpage should look? NO! Change the font in your goddamn signatures because it looks messy as hell. It looks the same as the font in posts!
5  Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem Deathmatch / Master/Slave or Peer 2 Peer? on: April 18, 2009, 12:23:09 AM
Up until recently I haven't really looked into the difference between these two methods for playing Eduke32 online. So what's the difference between these two? And which one is recommended? Allow me to demonstrate!

Note, this thread only covers my experiences with Eduke32. It's the superior W32 port by now and it being buggy in multiplayer is simply put a myth caused by people who haven't gotten their configurations properly set.

Master / Slave
First things first: Master / Slave is a connecting method in which one player, the MASTER, takes care of the distribution of all data from the other players; the SLAVES. Compare it with your post office. You are player #2 and you want to send a letter to player #3. You prepare your letter, and transmit it to the post office. (player #1!). When recieved, Player #1 needs to process the package himself, and then passes it on to player #3.

During christmas season, when you send out greeting cards by mail, it usually takes two or three days before they enter the recipients' mailbox. Just keep that analogy in mind and let's move on to the second bit.

Peer 2 Peer
This one is different. Instead of having a 'post-office', everyone is sending eachother 'letters' directly. Think of it as hopping on your bike through your hometown, and deliver greeting cards directly into your friends' mailboxes. In this way, everyone recieves their mail on exactly the same day as it was sent! No third party was required to have it delivered!

If you have gotten my drift (surely the analogy above can't be THAT hard to comprehend right?) Peer 2 Peer is the fastest method of playing Duke online, but also requires some configuration.

You see, in MASTER/SLAVE, only the MASTER needs to have his ports properly forwarded in order to accept incoming connections. In peer 2 peer however, EVERYONE needs to accept incoming connections. (Hence the name, peer to peer, equal to equal)

If you're only able to join a MASTER/SLAVE game as a SLAVE, chances are high that:
  • You need to open ports 23513 UDP and 8501 TCP in your firewall
  • Check the same with your router's settings

  • Playing in Master/Slave mode will practically always give you some lag; P2P plays as smooth as if you were playing Single Player
  • If you assume you have your ports properly forwarded because you can join MASTER/SLAVE games, then you are mistaken! Luckily we have a guide for that!
6  Other topics / Music / Movies / Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright died on: September 16, 2008, 07:10:34 AM


Damn, that sucks. He was THE man who made me dig up my keyboard, and learn to play the hell out of it. His self-taught noodling on the piano and experimentation on synthesizers really convinced me. Without him, I wouldn't have been playing in front of audiences (about 400 people last friday), and without him I wouldn't have had so much fun with making music for the past years. I also highly doubt that I would have hung around some very creative and musical persons if I never heard his music.

Playing keyboards will never be the same again. :(

I know that most people in this forum don't care or didn't even knew the man, but that's OK. I think he deserves a thread on his own rather than a single post in the Ramblings thread.

Beautiful notes. Pink Floyd would never had Echoes without him on keyboards.

One of his finest solos with Pink Floyd. This is the song that inspired me a lot on how to combine keyboards with a sharp rocking song:

Mediterranean C, from his solo-album Wet Dream (Yes, that's where that level's name comes from, and yes it breathes a similar atmosphere)
7  Other topics / General Talk / Project Chanology on: February 04, 2008, 02:54:10 AM
So, apparantly, James is already carrying a link to the ominous message from Anonymous, so I guess most of you must be aware of the situation already. But it surprised me that there hasn't been a thread about this for a while so I shamelessly made one. :)

So, to sum things up: the chans and ebaumsworld and some other sites declared war on the Church of Scientology. There has already been a lot of information about the 'church' it's supposedly scandals, so if you want to learn more of it, you should check out these links:


Anyways, the question is: Is it a just cause?

I was very interested in everything that has lead to this situation: from the background information of the church to the 'ongoing war'. I think it's a mixed bag. I mean, people should be able to believe anything they want, but if it's main organisation leads to the reported suppression of ex-converts, the creepy "psychiatry and it's pharmaceuticals must be banished" stuff, and censorship, I begin to wonder how dangerous it could be.

There is something romantic about this 'war' though. Facing a massive anonymous faceless horde must be quite a challenge for such an organisation. I suppose the word epic is once again not misplaced. :)
8  Other topics / Music / Movies / I Am Legend on: December 23, 2007, 03:16:49 AM
I probably shoot myself in the foot for saying this in here, seeing as ever since Maddox put out the I.Robot bashing article (which I liked, both the movie and the article), but...

I loved it. I saw it last thursdaynight at the cinema. The big shots taken in the abandoned New York streets really just made me wonder: "Fucking hell how did they do this?"

Has anyone else seen it?
9  Other topics / Computers / Internet / TEXT TO SPEECH on: December 18, 2007, 11:30:24 PM
I'm looking for some Text to Speech software, with natural sounding voices. I'm doing some mission design on Operation Flashpoint and I need some spoken radio messages.

I used this site (http://www.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php) and put it through some bandpass filter in goldwave to achieve the 'two-way radio' effect, but the fact is...

I need more natural sounding voices!
10  Other topics / Butterfly Collecting Forum / DON'T COPY THAT FLOPPY! DONT-DONT-D-DONT-DONT-D-DONT on: September 01, 2007, 06:02:21 AM
11  Other topics / Computers / Internet / Do you use Security Software? on: August 09, 2007, 06:56:06 AM
I was wondering: Do you use any type of software to secure your PC?

In my situation, I'm mostly relying on a safe browser (Opera), Windows Update, and an occasional (Once every 4 to 5 months) Anti-Virus and Spyware check.

I'm proud to report that in my latest check, both my PC and laptop have been spyware and virus-free despite constant usage and internet browsing.

I'm not too fond of these programs (for personal use, that is. They are a relief to my customers!). They are slowing down start-up processes, take up system memory, and were basically (in my case) running for nothing.

The only thing I keep running is the Windows firewall because of... Well... Because. I never turned it off permanently and the improvement is not too significant to make it worthwhile shutting it off.
12  Other topics / Images / Art / Design / Electric Retard on: July 05, 2007, 11:24:41 PM

One of my former classmates bumped into this hilarious webcomic.


I want you to take a look at the linked episode above since I think it's awesome. :)

edit: faggot rusty added the warning
13  Other topics / Butterfly Collecting Forum / Best of the spamforum on: July 05, 2007, 07:52:36 AM
Now that it's locked, why not remove the unfunny threads and keep the funny ones there? It'd be a nice museum. Post your favorite threads!

alien extinction tc is dead

I drew this on a bible at school


I love R&B and HipHop

the lick thread

in this thread we are livejournal

gibbergun (If only for the cartoons)
14  Other topics / General Talk / Ignore-list? on: June 18, 2007, 08:58:56 PM
Quick question:

I heard rumours of this forum-software having the ability to IGNORE certain users. (Ignoring as in hiding certain posts by members you have specified)

Is this true? And if it is, how can I enable it?
15  Other topics / General games / DOSBox on: May 03, 2007, 03:54:22 AM
This thread is about the DOS emulator, which can be found here:


What is it? It runs all your old DOS games in a virtual machine, which allows you to play your old-time favourites even though you're at Windows 2000/XP/2003 (*snicker) / Vista / Linux / Mac / Whatever.

I have already been using it for over 2 years now, but with the latest release, 0.70, I suddenly noticed how fucking smooth everything runs. :o I actually have been able to play through Tekwar for a while (until I got bored lol)

I also tested a emulated IPX connection between two DOSBOX sessions on my laptop and my computer, and played some ROTT against myself. Just awesome. I guess the old duke3d.exe, sw.exe, and blood.exe files shouldn't run painfully either anymore. (But that's for later)

Gonna try the modem emulation sometime soon too. If interesting enough, I'll post some screenshots. I always wanted to know how it would feel like firing the 'SERIAL GAME' button in the setup executables of the old BUILD games. :)
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