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"Buenos aires explosive remake"

Yeah yeah i know its my map but its so much fun!! :D

GJHoyer... at least 3 times. Fantastic map from 1996, really. Still reach the standards of the all-time best space levels. Finding the piggies in the level is priceless.

Just played ' Gates Motel' by Juan Daniel "Papamonos" Alcobre.

Sucked! Hit del after 240 seconds. ;)

EDF Camp episode by Peter Johnson... I just found this episode on my HD, altough don't have any fuckin' idea how and when I got it. :blink:

It has some decent innovative ideas and good looking areas, but the gameplay proved to me not really user-friendly and enjoyable.

Played Bedrone by Billy Boy again!

In my oppinion the best map ever. It took me nearly five hours to finish it.
I canīt believe, that this map is made with the old sector and sprite limits.


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